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My Questions: (answer incorrectly and perish! Mwahaha!!!)
1. What is your name?
My name is Ruth Ann Berkowitz
2. What is your quest?
Ummmmm to be an animator and creat a show Orr escape Mercia because the world is amazing and I don't plan to stay in this country for the rest of my life
3. What is your favorite color?
Does the rainbow count? Eh I sort of like pastel colors and greys
4. What is the meaning of life?
Ummm let's see..... do what you think is right and stick to it. Do what you love every day and generally be a good person to people and stand up to injustices
5. How long have you been on Deviantart?
I think like 1-2 years idk
6. How long have you been drawing for?
Like I got serious in 8th grade but I started in 7th and I am in tenth grade sooo 3 years,
7. Do you plan to do art as a career?
8. Besides art, what do you do for entertainment?
Waste my intelligence on the internet
9. Favorite movie?
Ghost in a shell, boy and the beast, ohhhh Moana
11. Did you notice I skiped 10?
I don't really care
12. Did you also notice I misspelled "skipped"?
Now I do.
13. Fantasy or Sci-fi?
Hmmmmmm dude is this a form of torture BOTH
13. Is this statement false?
What's the definition of truth?

1. Can you tell me a mythical creature that's story is told in your state of country (like where I live we have the Grey aliens or the cuprecabra or la Lorna)
2. Do you sleep with your pet
3. What is your state/ countries specialty food(I am hungry)
4. Other then Disney and ghilbli what is your favorite animation studio
5. Have you seen Hamilton? (If not, do it do it NOW!!!)
6. Are you scared of the dark
7. Guess what I am doing right now.
8. How long do you stay up at night
9. Can you give me brutal criticism
10. Do you have any other forms of social media
11. What Pokémon starter would you pick poppilio, litten, or rowlet
12. Do you know a different language
13. Can you translate this "はじめまして。どんな たべものが すくです。

Just on that bike, just me and him. The warmth of the setting sun and the clear roads; seeing the entire city with him.

But I need to tell him

"Beck. We need to talk"

"What is it Rache" he parked the bike and we got off

"I got the results back from the audition and- I got in"

“That’s great!!” Beck pulled me in for a hug “-but wait; isn’t it in New York??” all of the sudden joy that he had just vanished

“that’s what we have to talk about”

".... You know I can't leave what I do here is too important"

“We can’t do long distance” I grimly looked back at my parents as a reminder

"So we are ending it here?"

" I am sorry it has to be this way, it's just there is so much I want to do and-"

"No-no-no you don't have to explain this thing to me; I understand. It's ok"

It just felt dreadful having to say that. Being shot would be better then this; I looked over to Beck who was hanging his head in dread , what he was feeling must be way worse then how I was feeling

His hands was shaking as he got back to the bike "Come on; I'll drive you home"

"Oh-right; thanks"


We didn’t speak to each other for the entire drive home, I even clung onto the sides of the motorcycle instead of clinging onto him. I was immediately regretting telling him this, I wish I could take it back but I can’t. Nobody said that breakups were easy after three years together.

 We parked and got off at the front of the house "Rache we could still be friends"

"I know... But can we though. It's just.. I feel like it would be way harder on me if we did"

He let out a deep sigh "I can understand; well then see you around" his voice cracked as he was trying to keep it together.

That was the last time I saw him, I had his number but I never wanted to call I feel like it would hurt me if I did. But my dreams come first and I only have one life; I had to break it off.

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Comment and I'll
(1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your Deviantart page.
(2) Tell you a color you remind me of.
(3) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, darkness, etc.).
(4) Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite.
(5) Ask you a question, which you must answer.
(6) Tell you something I like about you or your art.
(7) Give you a nickname.
(8) Tell you what am I doing right now.
(9) Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
(10) Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you

“YOU SNUCK INTO A SPARING MATCH!!!” the floral nun slammed the table so hard it almost broke in half!

The seed child folded his arms “I don’t see the big deal”


 Lil stood up on the chair to get in the same eye level as the Nun“- WHAT!!!! NO IT ONLY COMES ONCE A DECADE I WON’T ACCEPT IT!!”


“ MADAM MARYGOLD IS A MEANIE” the seedling out of the room and slammed the door

“Lil!!!! Come back here!!” the nun shut her mouth  “I was a bit harsh on him”


Lil slammed the door to his room and slammed into his pillow screaming. Lil felt like he could explode out of sheer emotion he didn’t want to express it by crying it would make him seem weak so he’ll vent by writing his thoughts down. Lil yanked out his rant book and picked up a pencil, he scribbled in the book nonstop.

When Lil came to it was morning, he literally spent the whole night scribbling “Uuuuggghh” the seedling pulled off a piece of paper he was writing on; it had a drawing of Madame Marigold with devil horns. He really needed to get rid of these. Lil gathered all the sketches and crammed them into the trashcan.

Lil felt absolute dread; his first bloom festival was going to be spent being a dumb servant. If there was a way out of his punishment he would gladly take it but unfortunately these were the flowers of mercy we’re talking about he has to face the music no matter what.

A loud growl came from Lil’s stomach “ I guess I could use some breakfast.” Lil walked down the hallway to the kitchen and pulled out a box of Crunchy munchy seeds; it had a shiny new seal on it saying NOW MADE WITH WHOLE SUNFLOWERSEEDS; it would really bother Madam Poppy with her devote no eating seeds thing but for normal plantaiens eating seeds are just fine because it came from flowers. Lil deciding not to think about diets too much he dug his hands in the box grabbing mouthfuls of delicious seeds. He gladly shoved it all in his mouth.

“Lil!!! There you are!!!” one of the Nuns came stomping towards him and shoved a list up his face.

Lil pulled the paper away from his face “What”

“Take a look at the list and gather the materials needed for the festival”

“Finnnnee pompous Red flower”

The Nuns petals flared in rising anger “ohhhhhh you brat!!! Leave before I turn you into a green puddle of pulp!!!”

“Ya-ya I got it!! Can’t take a joke!!” Lil got off the counter  “Nobody can” he mumbled as he left towards the front door


The next few weeks has been hectic for the seedling; being ordered from left to right by everyone in the house!! It was utter misery for Lil.

The day came and the bloom festival finally came!! Lil bolted to see the tree in action.

“Not so fast Mr.!!!” Marygold pulled the seedling back.

“I did everything you told me to!! Let me see the tree!!”

“Nope there is still work to be done maintaining the festival”

Lil gave a menacing glare; he had to comply.

Lil sat in the vendor stand in utter boredom. The seedling looked over the stand and saw families catching newly formed seedlings falling off their branches. Some of the seeds came fully born laughing and giggling, while some of the other seedlings were still in their shell.

Everyone was so happy with their new children. Lil scowled at the sight; he didn’t hate the other tribe members or their children. He hated that they were so happy together; that they were a family, something Lil never had.

Lil shook his head of the depressing thoughts and got back to work making complementary baby rattles for the visitors.


The sun set, every seedling gone to their new families, and everyone who came to celebrate was just about gone. The flowers of mercy began to clean up and Lil was handed a broom; he was told to keep an eye out for stray seeds.

Lil looked up at the mighty oak that grew their whole kind “Why did it have to be this way” he sighed. Lil looked back at the families who happily chose their seeds. Ten years ago he wasn’t chosen by anyone; nobody wanted him. The flowers of mercy loved him but to him it feels like they only love him because its their job to love everyone. The seedling wondered what it would be like having a loving parent.

Lil felt something wet coming from his eyes. He realized he was crying about this. He shouldn’t be crying over a small thing about this!! He’s fine!!

He wiped the tears forming and saw something glowing nearby. “No way” Lil ran over to the roots of the tree to see a tiny seed.

Lil was in shock!! He thought this bloom festival was a clean year!! He’d sworn everyone picked a seed!! But how come this seed wasn’t picked!!!

He quickly picked up the seed and dashed into town; there was no way that everyone forgot this seed!! Someone must have dropped it!! Ya someone must have dropped it because it was so small!!!

Lil dashed to the first house he could see and knocked fiercely on the door. A very tired couple opened the door. The husband rubbed his eyes “W-whats going on”

“Excuse me sir!! And Mam!! Have you lost a seed!!”

The wife got on her knees and gave Lil a sympathetic rub on the head “Fraid not sweety I am sorry”

Lil dashed away to the next house. He felt disappointed that the seed didn’t belong to the first house but he has hope the next house could be it.

Lil thunderously knocked on the door. A tired floral knight swung open the door

“Excuse me sir is this yo-“

“No” the knight slammed the door closed

Lil tried the next house but it gave the same disappointing answer. House after house every Plantain said no. Before Lil knew it he was at the end of the town. Lil made the saddening realization; nobody chose the seed.

The seedling kneeled to the ground tears started to well up in his eyes "I am sorry. I am so sorry. I-I failed you!! I don't want you to be like me!!! I don't want you to be a runt that nobody cares about!!! I-I am sorry"

A soft petal ran across the seedlings face. Lil looked down to see that the seed has bloomed already. It's head looked like a flower bud and it gave a look of concern.

"I am fine"

The little bud gave a soft giggle.

Something about that smile that the rose bud gave said he tried his best.

With that in mind Lil headed home

"Lil!!! I've been looking for you!!! Where have yo-!!" The flora maiden’s eyes widened. "You found a seedling!!! I thought this decade was a clean year?!!"

"It is. I picked her!!"

"WHAAAT!! Your a-a kid you can't be a parent for a child!!"

"Ehhhhhh ya your right. I am her big brother!!!"  Lil snickered as he slammed the door



I am tired of this cycle; the cycle of grief, fighting about it, then just forgetting about it. How can we allow this; allow children going to school, people going to Praise God, or just about anyone of any group out to have a good time just die because of some crazed lunatic is allowed to carry an assault weapon!! We need gun control!! We need to have restraint!! I am done with people saying America!! We must have guns!! Why do you want to take my gun it makes America great!! I want to take your stupid gun away because too much blood was shed!! I want to take your gun because I have a five year old sister that is about to go to kindergarten; a brother that is about to go to ASU, an Athlete sister, and I don’t want some idiot to blow them to smithereens!! Around a hundred lives was affected by the Orlando shooting; A HUNDRED FRICKING FAMILIES HURT BY THIS!!!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I AM DONE WITH THIS BULLSH!%!!! I’VE SEEN WAY TOO MANY NEWS REPORTS ON MASS SHOOTING THEN I SHOULD IN MY LIFE TIME!!!! I just want to hop on a boat and leave this mess of a country because we let an idiot run for president; ignore way too many lives, and do nothing to change it!! People have the guts to blame it on a religion, or a group of people, or just plain bad luck. We can’t sit there and ignore it!! If you can please, please, please talk to your senator, or representative, or whatever of your state about this!! Just say something and don’t ignore it


The room around you was calm, quite, and quite dull. Deciding it was boring you moved through the walls and saw the bright full moon with a few stars lighting the dark night, below was the cluttered streets of a city with cars constantly honking and bright lights flashing everywhere. It was getting way too-too annoying; you went back inside the room and decided to look around.

There was machine making beeps, things that drip, and people in doctor coats talking; they were probably real doctors. As you went on floating through the empty hallways you saw something that caught your eyes; a bright flower in a swan shaped pot. You tried to pick up the flower but your hand phased right through it. Wait why did it phase through it even though you were supposed to pick it up and just hold it. That even led to more questions. WHY WERE YOU ABLE TO PHASE THROUGH WALLS!!

Looking down towards your hands you started to have a cocktail feeling of fear and dread. Only ghost go through walls?! Does that mean your a ghost??!! Does that make you… dead? No it cant be y-you have so much to do; so many things you want to be. Wait what did you want to be again? You can’t even remember, everything is just so messed up in your brain that even looking back it just hurts. Without even a second thought you began to cry; you don’t want to be dead and not know who you are. You just cant be a lost soul for eternity fated to wandering across the narrow white walls. You just cant!!!

Hours pass by just floating through the hallways; You sort of accepted your status as a lost soul, Well not completely you were just done crying. As you float by the hallways you heard voices coming from one of the rooms. Deciding you have all of eternity to yourself you investigated the source of the voices. It sounded like the voices were coming from the room you first woke up in. you entered the room to see two of the doctors inside you swirled above their heads and they still had no clue of your presence, part of you wished that they did notice but you simply accepted nobody noticing you as part of a ghost. You began to eavesdrop on the conversation the doctors were having between themselves.

“Can you go over the data with me again Clair? I am just too tired to read right now” the man jokingly laughed while rubbing his eyes

“you never take anything seriously do you Pat? Well ok . one more time got it!! The patient came from a car accident, suffered major fractures in the body and cranial damage. Current status is in a coma.”

“You forgot personal data”

“I was hoping you would read that yourself; the patient is Male and current age is 11 and his name is Aydin Steward. He was trying to get home after getting tutored but got ran over”

The doctor sorta cringed “That’s gotta suck”

“ What do you think the best treatment plan is for the kid and his family”

“well we have to think about the surgeries, rehabilitation plans, and getting the kid caught up in the school-“ he just kept talking and talking about stuff you have no clue about

you decided to leave the room since the conversation turned boring and that eavesdropping is bad but mostly because its boring. You started to think about what “Clair” said something about a kid in a car accident his name was Aydin.

Something about that name feels very familiar did you know somebody by that name? could it be your name?? If it is then that would mean you are still alive but that doesn’t make sense ghost are supposed to be dead and you are a ghost right?

You shook away the confusion decided an identity crisis and figuring out what actually you are isn’t what you needed today.

Deciding to put use your transparency you elegantly levitated through the building, it was great mighty fun. But amidst the joy and light airiness you hit a sudden stop; you spun yourself around to look at whoever or whatever stopped you from the floating flow but you being upset just immediately stopped when you looked at whats in front of you.

It was a boy severely bandaged up, he practically looked like a mummy. You went to have closer at him and as you float closer you felt more familiar. The familiarity started to grow more and more when you finally drew close to him and actually touched him. With a sudden spark of touch you remember who you are; you are that kid!! You are Aidyn!!

That means you’re alive!! But that leads to more questions; why are you outside your body, how come you’re a ghost??? None of this is making sense but you’ll be willing to figure it out ether way; you have to!!

hi umm fellow people of deviant art i need your help i wrote my first fanfic  and the series is one piece i really need someone to beta it because i don't want to get bashed by the fandom PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEE TT^TT
Ok soooo I am going to start selling stuff on etsy using my sisters account on saterday and I need your help with pricing and what's fair and if I ever get sucked in to the money train SLAP ME OUT but seriously I need help cause I never done this
I am going to do free drawing request for you guys to celebrate having 30 watchers soooo I'll draw anything appropriate but I don't know how many request I'll fill soo I may or may not forfill all of your request
Many of these artist actually said the same thing and it amazes me sooo if you want help on being an artist I will give you what they give me I really hope it helps

Draw more, draw more finished work,draw from direct observation,draw self potraits, still life, draw characters in background.

1. Full Name:Ruth Ann Berkowitz so far no christmas ordamants have my name on it haha
2. Age: 14 i am getting old
3. Birth Date: april 12 2001
4. Birth Place: st joseph's
5. Gender: FEMALE 
6. Occupation:artist going on animator
7. Primary School: sonoma ranch elementary
9. College/University: i plan to go to Cal arts but i will go where the wind takes me as long as it isn't crappy
10. Eye Color: brownish green
11. Hair Color:brownish black
12. Currently Living: Gilbert Arizona in de united state of amarica

13. Food:  anything out of peiwei, chipotle, or pita jungle 
14. Drink:boba
15. Band/Singer: Porter Robison he plays songs that tell awesome stories
16. Song: good bye to a world by Porter Robison
17. Movie: the good dinosaur currently
19. Book: cinder i really should buy the whole series
20. Color:i like bluish grey but i secretly prefer pink sometimes EVEN THOUGH I HATE PINK

Do You Prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi? ummm i prefer none
22. Anime or Disney? ANIME
23. Guys or Girls? -ALL DE HOT BOYS IN DE YARD
24. Lips or Eyes? -eyes idk thats a weird question
25. Kisses or Hugs? -HUUUGS
26. Eating or Drinking? -EATING 
27. Novels or Comics? -comics 
28. Summer or Winter? -idk summer here is heck and winter here is heck but if i had to pick one it would be summer
29. Outdoors or Indoors? -BOTH
30. Camera or Cellphone? -cellphone
31. PS3 or Xbox 360? -NINTENDO 4 LIFE
32. TV or Computer? -tv
Something Personal...
33. Why did you choose your username? -i like moons and i thought deviant art can get me where i want to be so i chose jumper and i just like 4
34. What is your favorite piece of your own work? Show us: it would be fist at a dock
35. What is your most popular deviation? Show us: i have no clue to be honest
36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see? -sketch books and hunger games and a sherlock holms book
37. Look to your right. What is the first thing you see? -a cup and a pencil sharpener
38. Something you can't live without: i wish i could say its God but i think its my phone i really got to be better about that

The Last...
39. Person you saw: My little sister
40. Person you hugged:my mom
41. Movie you saw: starwars the force awakens 
42. Song you listened to: song of the ancients cover sung by lizz and the other person
43. Book you read:the beekeepers apprentice 
44. Thing you ate/drank: chicken and veggies
45. Time you cried and why: i cried about a failed friendship with a friend who was immature and played with my emotions
46. Time you laughed and why: i laughed about a funny video of an intense arm wrestler
47. Time you went out:yesterday to get a new library card

The First...
48. Person you dated: no body TT^TT
49. Person you kissed: my mom and dad THAT COUNTS
50. Crush you had: a kid names luke in kindergardem
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: ether my phone or going back to sleep or i need to read my bible
52. Best friend you ever had:i think it was my twin sis irma
53. First school you ever went to: sonoma ranch elematry
54. Big holiday vacation you went on: DISNEY LAAAAAANNND
55. Award you got:it was for playing soft ball
Have You Ever...
56. Broken the law: when i was walking my dog he took a poop i didn't pick it up
57. Been arrested: NOPE
58. Had a hangover: NOPE NEVER AND NEVER WILL
59. Been in a hospital:ya it was for a back surgery it was hell
60. Been in a car crash: ya i have although it was a boring one i guess
61. Flown on a plane:i wish TT^TT
62. Been on a boat: yes i have it was scary yet fun i was a lil kid that time
63. Traveled over seas: nope 
65. Gotten pregnant: HELL NO
66. Had an abortion: NEVER AND NEVER WILL
67. Been to a concert:ya for orchastra
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something:not really 
69. Skipped school/work: ya i have
70. Broken a bone:nope

Deviant Time...
71. Who is your closest friend on DeviantArt? -Foxy in the woods and umm diamond chick annd starving artist and IrianWhitefox
72. What is your favorite deviation by them? Show us: idk i like most of there works 
73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most? -i am not sure to be honest i like what i see so i like a lot of deviants the same
74. What is their greatest work? Show us: ALL OF IT
75. Any favorite DeviantArt groups in mind? -none
76. What is your favorite artwork by the Founder of the group? Show us: I don't have one
77. The Co-Founders? Show us: none
78. How about the Contributors? -nope
79. Who was your very first Watcher on DeviantArt? -it would be StarvingArtist4292 i think i had to look that up real quick
80. What is your favorite artwork by them? Show us: the rightous fist cover
81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? If so, show us: mmmm nope drawing is a challenge to keep up with enough
82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? Show us: nope TT^TT although i could enter one day
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to DeviantArt: it would be a pokemon mystery dungeon fan art
84. Show us your most recent submission: mmmm look it up yourself i suck at putting up links

More Personal Stuff...
85. Religion: christen
86. Social Class:middle class
87. Ethnicity: mexican and jewish although i prefer to call it MEXIJEW
89. A scar you have: a big line on my back and a burn mark from cooking
90. Preferred medium: drawing and playing video games reading bible sometimes and reading fan fiction DONT JUDGE ME I LIKE WHAT IFS

Just Random...
91. Where is your dream holiday location? -hawaii or south korea
92. What are you wearing right now? -cargo shorts and fancy sleeve shirt
93. What is the last thing you bought? -SKETCH BOOK AND A FAKE TURTLE
94. When did you join DeviantArt? -during the summer
95. WHY did you join? -to improve and learn
96. What type of membership do you have? the free kind
97. Are you playing The Game? -what is that?
98. Are you a member of any other websites? -I am not sure
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?YES

I TAG fox-in-the-woods , LyricStuck1 , HomunculusNamedLust and IrainWhitefox GOOD LUCK MY INTERNET FRIENDS 
well i don't know how to play the game but ILL WING IT

how tall am I
i think 5"4 idk 

do i have a senpai
no i don't i look up to people but i don't go head over heels

am i yandere or thunder
i don't know what those things so nether

am i a neko
i am a dog person no

have i ever been in an accident
umm when i was 5 i was running with sunglasses thinking i would be cool and i played tag with some kids i fell on my face and end up with stitches 

what is my best child hood memory
when i played pokemon mystery dungeon

who is my favorite youtuber
lupis vulpes, chiibe, and the channel where i watch one piece episodes

who is my favorite author
not sure if i have one 

do i like cute things
yes defiantly and if i didn't thats not the real me

which ocs would pair with yours
i don't know your ocs and naomi isn't really into romance at the moment

do i think the emoticon is cute
ya it is

do i like cake

do i like sleep
eh sometimes yes sometimes no depends
we kidnapped the stars we took them from their home and trapped them in glass prisons only to light streets and rooms. Only to be free when they give up and stop shining then when free they were happy but suddenly trapped again. Their are few stars in the sky and those are the strongest including our sun. I personally want to set the stars free that way i could see them dance in the sky again but us humans are afraid of the dark we have no courage to let the stars free for one day unless forced. I want to make a difference and see the night sky as it should be I obviosly can't do it alone and all the big people around me won't listen to a kid. I want to see a full sky without the hassle of going to the other side of the world. lets set the stars free for one day.
ideas dream world 
naomi : where am i wait this is a lot like home except with less houses
elder: Afraion its time to connect
*wakes up*